2021 CRF1100 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (DCT)

HIGH SEASON Rates from 1 Feb 2021 to 1 April 2021
Single Day             2-3 Days           4-6 Days           7 Day rate

ZAR3100                ZAR2950          ZAR2850             ZAR2650

LOW SEASON Rates from 1 April 2021  to 31 August 2021

Single Day         2-3 Days         4-6 Days            7 Day rate

ZAR2950             ZAR2850         ZAR2650              ZAR2450

Standard Refundable Damages deposit of ZAR30 000.00

MITAS EO7 Dual Compound  50/50 gravel Tyres are fitted to all motorcycles FREE of charge
Puncture prevention slime is inserted to minimize punctures.
Puncture kit , spare tubes and air-bombs are supplied.

Prices include VAT, Insurance - Fuel Costs are not Included, the tank will be full when you collect.
1-7 Days = 550km/day FREE- Excess charged at ZAR3.30 / km
7 Days and longer = Unlimited km

Cross Border fee = Standard ZAR300 per bike - Namibia, Botswana etc
(This fee is to activate the Tracking devices onto the roaming networks)

Honda Africa Twin Rentals - Green Point Cape Town

DS Vented Jacket         DS Vented Pants      DS Helmets        DS Gloves         DS Boots              Soft Luggage Bags (30L)     Hard Alu Panniers
     ZAR130pd                     ZAR120pd               ZAR120pd          ZAR50pd        ZAR120pd                  ZAR170pd                               ZAR300pd
Garmin Montana GPS  

TYRE OPTIONS - For more aggressive Dualsport Trips

Our Motorcycles are supplied with the MITAS EO7 front and rear tyres. 50/50 dual compound, great for easy gravel and paved tarmac roads.
FREE of Charge

Riding in countries like Namibia,  we strongly recommend more aggressive tyres, especially the front.
For Namibia we fit a new set of MITAS EO7 on the rear, MITAS EO10 block knobbly on the front.
We have used this combination for over 5 years and its perfect for the light sand

Tyre pressures can be dropped to no less than 2.0 Bar rear, and 1.5 Bar front.

Long term (10 - 15 Days and beyond to Namibia - we insist on a brand new set of Aggressive Off road tyres for loose surface and sand)
A Charge of ZAR4600 applies for trips in excess of kilometers more than 4000km

We use MITAS EO7 50/50 Dualsport tyres - Dual compound ideally suited for soft surface gravel roads and Asphalt


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