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ALL our tours are available in two formats... "Guided" with an experienced Motorcycle guide - or "Self Guided" on a pre-programmed GPS and all is done for you... The route, accommodation, the meals etc.. All you need do is just ride and enjoy the day.
Most tours we will do an average of 350km - 450km per day.


The Advantage of Guided Tours: (by Craig Marshall)
Generally it’s a budget thing, but let me tell you how different the trip is with a personal guide, who speaks the local language, knows ALL the roads, alternative routes, contingency plans, emergency numbers, and anything you might need when things go wrong.


In 14 years and over 133 guided tours and over 560 clients and a staggering 390 000km,  – because I also manage the riding pace, the fuel usage and because I’m up front, I warn the group if there are any big sand patches, animals jump out in front of me,  I change the route if need be in accordance with road conditions, weather, rider fatigue, rider illness and anything that might be a showstopper on the tour.


It doesn’t matter how much experience the group has. This is Africa. And it can be dangerous going if road conditions are not good, and the front riders does not warn others of impending dangers - especially in Namibia (It can get very sandy at times) and you as a stranger to the land only know of the track programmed into the GPS.

A professional guide takes all the thinking out of the ride and you can all enjoy the trip more in a relaxed state.
So the tour becomes a relaxed and fully enjoyable holiday.


The overall the risk of something going wrong, and injury is reduced by 50%

When it comes to bad roads and weather contingency plans  -  route changes are seamless.
All guided tour with Craig Marshall are photographed professionally and no charge extra.

Extra Bonus: - Craig Marshall is also a professional photographer, he always
shoots and films all his guided tours..... High resolution images and drone video footage
is included at no extra charge. Just for you

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The tour accommodation  locations are all well tested and have been selected carefully to give you a comfortable & private night’s sleep.
In most cases we pre-arrange the evening meals and breakfasts to suit any culinary specific requirements.

All tours are available with the  CRF1100 L Africa Twin Standard and DCT versions

Difficulty levels are graded 1-5 (1= easy, 5 = Difficult)

Guided and GPS Guided Motorcycle Tours

Our Motorcycle Routes are safe, Secure and have all been verified and ridden regularly.
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed 

Popular Guided and GPS Self Guided Tours

9 Day Namibia Motorcycle Tour - Honda Africa Twin
12 Day "Taste of Namibia" - 40% Gravel/light sand
4 Day - Coastal & Mountain Adventure
4 Day - Coastal & Mountain Adventure  - 70% Gravel
12 Day - Garden Route & BAVIAANSKLOOF
12 Day - Garden Route & BAVIAANSKLOOF - 80% Gravel
4 Day - Cederberg & Karoo Adventure
4 Day - Cederberg & Karoo Adventure - 80% Gravel
14 Day Cape Town to Vic Falls - 80% Tar (1- 15 May 2024)
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